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Atscan scanner

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  • Atscan scanner

    Advanced Search / Dork / Mass Exploitation Scanner

     Engines: [Google apis cache] Bing Ask Yandex Sogou Exalead Shodan
    ● Mass Dork Search
    ● Multiple instant scans.
    ● Mass Exploitation
    ● Use proxy.
    ● Random user agent.
    ● Random engine.
    ● Mass Extern commands execution.
    ● Exploits and issues search.
    ● XSS / SQLI / LFI / AFD scanner.
    ● Filter wordpress & Joomla sites.
    ● Wordpress theme and plugin detection.
    ● Find Admin page.
    ● Decode / Encode Base64 / MD5
    ● Ports scan.
    ● Collect IPs
    ● Collect E-mails.
    ● Auto detect errors.
    ● Auto detect forms.
    ● Auto detect Cms.
    ● Post data.
    ● Auto sequence repeater.
    ● Validation.
    ● Post and Get method
    ● IP Localisation
    ● Issues and Exploit search
    ● Interactive and Normal interface.
    ● And more...


    --help / -h     Help.
    --proxy     Set tor proxy for scans [EX: --proxy "socks4://localhost:9050"]
    Set proxy [EX: --proxy ""]
    Set proxy list [EX: --proxy file]
    --prandom     Random proxy [EX: --prandom file] or --prandom "socks://localhost:9050"]
    --motor / -m     bing google ask yandex sogou exalead googleapis googlecache or all
    --apikey     Apikey
    --cx     Googleapis ID
    --mrandom     Random of given engines
    --brandom     Random all disponibles agents
    --freq     Random time frequency (in seconds)
    --time     set browser time out
    --dork / -d     Dork to search [Ex: house [OTHER]cars [OTHER]hotel]
    --target / -t     Target
    --level / -l     Scan level (Number of results pages to scan)
    --zone     Search engine country.
    --param / -p     Set test parameter EX:id,cat,product_ID
    --save / -s     Output.
    --source     Html output file
    --bugtraq     Serach exploits and issues
    --content     Print request content
    --data     Post and Get forms. See examples
    --vshell     Validate by url ex: --HOST/shell.php or file
    --post     Use post method
    --get     Use get method
    --header     Set headers
    --fullHeaders     Print full request headers
    --host     Domain name [Ex:]
    --nobanner     Hide tool banner
    --beep     Produce beep sound if positive scan found.
    --ifend     Produce beep sound when scan process is finished.
    --noverbose     No scan verbose.
    --ping     Host ping.
    --limit     Limit max positive scan results.
    --valid / -v     Validate by string at least 1 is matching
    --validAll     Validate all given strings
    --status     Validate by http header status
    --server     Validate by server
    --ifinurl     Get targets with exact string matching
    --sregex     Get targets with exact regex matching
    --exclude     Get targets where strings do not exist in html
    --excludeAll     Get targets where all strings do not exist in html
    --unique     Get targets with exact dork matching
    --replace     Replace exact string
    --replaceFROM     Replace from string to the end of target
    --exp / -e     Exploit/Payload will be added to full target
    --expHost     Exploit will be added to the host
    --expIp     Exploit will be added to the host ip
    --xss     Xss scan
    --sql     Sqli scan
    --lfi     Local file inclusion
    --joomrfi     Scan for joomla local file inclusion.
    --shell     Shell link [Ex:]
    --wpafd     Scan wordpress sites for arbitrary file download
    --admin     Get site admin page
    --shost     Get site subdomains
    --port     port
    --tcp     TCP port
    --udp     UDP port
    --getlinks     Get target html links
    --wp     Wordpress sites in the server
    --joom     Joomla sites in the server
    --zip     Get zip files
    --md5     Convert to md5
    --encode64     Encode base64 string
    --decode64     decode base64 string
    --TARGET     Will be replaced by target in extern command
    --HOST     Will be replaced by host in extern command
    --HOSTIP     Will be replaced by host IP in extern command
    --PORT     Will be replaced by open port in extern command
    --ips     Collect Ips
    --geoloc     Ip geolocalisation
    --regex     Crawl to get strings matching regex
    --noquery     Remove string value from Query url [ex:]
    --command / -c     Extern Command to execute
    --popup     Execute Extern Command in new terminal window
    --zoneH     Upload to Zone-H
    --cookies     Cookies output file
    --email     Collect emails
    rang(x-y)     EX: --expHost "/index.php?id=rang(1-9)" --sql OR -t "" --sql -> 9.
    repeat(txt-y)     EX: --expHost "/index.php?id=repeat(../-9)wp-config.php" --sql OR -t ""
    In then 9 times
    [OTHER]     To separate values ex: dork1 [OTHER]DORK2 [OTHER]DORK3
    --googleapi     Google Apis
    --shodan     Shodan search
    --count     Search Shodan without Results
    --count     Search Shodan
    --dnsreverset     Shodan Reverse DNS Lookup
    --dnsresolve     Shodan Resolve DNS Lookup
    --tokens     String filters and parameters
    --querysearch     Search the directory of saved Shodan search queries
    --query     List the saved Shodan search queries
    --querytags     List the most popular Shodan tags
    --myip     List all services that Shodan crawls
    --services     List all services that Shodan crawls
    --apinfo     My Shodan API Plan Information
    --ports     List of port numbers that the crawlers are looking for
    --protocols     List all protocols that can be used when performing on-demand Internet scans via Shodan.
    --honeyscore     Calculates honeypot score ranging from 0 (not a honeypot) to 1.0 (is a honeypot) in shodan
    --facets     Shodan search facets
    --update     Update tool
    --repair     Repair or force tool update.
    --tool / -?     Tool info.
    --config     User configuration.
    --interactive / -i     Interactive mode interface.
    --uninstall     Uninstall Tool.
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    ------------========Hash-Cracking Requests========------------

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