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  • MailSniper

    بهزاد عزیزم روحت شاد ...

    سلام دوستان ابزاری ویژه برای تست نفوذ و دریافت اطلاعات از سیستم های ایمیل Microsoft Exchange که بسیار محبوب و با کارایی بالا میباشد .

    ازین ابزار ویدئوهای آموزشی قرار میدم ..

    MailSniper is a penetration testing tool for searching through email in a Microsoft Exchange environment for specific terms (passwords, insider intel, network architecture information, etc.). It can be used as a non-administrative user to search their own email, or by an Exchange administrator to search the mailboxes of every user in a domain.

    MailSniper also includes additional modules for password spraying, enumerating users/domains, gathering the Global Address List from OWA and EWS, and checking mailbox permissions for every Exchange user at an organization.

    For more information about the primary MailSniper functionality check out this blog post.

    For more information about additional MailSniper modules check out these blog posts:

    GAL & Password Spraying


    Download the MailSniper Field Manual to quickly reference various MailSniper functions.

    ------------=========تاپیک سوالات کاربران==========------------

    ------------========Hash-Cracking Requests========------------

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