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People of the Longhouse A Novel of North America's Forgotten Past by W Michael Gear

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  • People of the Longhouse A Novel of North America's Forgotten Past by W Michael Gear

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    *Six hundred years ago in what would become the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada, five Iroquois tribes were locked in bitter warfare. From the ashes of violence, a great Peacemaker was born.*
    Young Odion and his little sister, Tutelo, live in fear that one day Yellowtail Village will be attacked. When that day comes and Odion and Tutelo are marched away as slaves, their only hope is that their parents will rescue them.
    Their mother, War Chief Koracoo, and their father, Deputy Gonda, think they are tracking an ordinary war party herding captive children to an enemy village. Koracoo and Gonda do not know that Odion and Tutelo have fallen into the hands of a legendary evil: Gannajero the Trader. Known as the Crow, she is a figure out of nightmare, a witch who captures children for her own nefarious purposes. No one can stand against her powers-except perhaps the mysterious Forest Spirit whose tracks have crisscrossed their own throughout their journey.
    Odion and the other children struggle to survive their brutal captivity. They, too, have seen the Forest Spirit. But like their parents, they can't be sure if the Spirit is a friend-or is in league with Gannajero..
    In* People of the Longhouse*, *New York Times *and *USA Today *bestselling authors W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear continue the gripping saga of North America's Forgotten Past.
    At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.
    ### From Publishers Weekly
    The Gears, both archeologists, tack on another mostly accomplished novel to their meticulously researched North America's Forgotten Past series (after People of the Thunder), this time focusing on the northern Iroquois of the early 15th century. This is a period of strife as tribes fight over resources and take child slaves to replenish dwindling tribal populations. The village of the People of the Standing Stone has been wiped out, and the captive children are sold to Gannajero, a vicious woman who buys and sells children as sex slaves. Among the captive children are the son and daughter of Koracoo, a female war chief, and Gonda, her husband and deputy. As the children are subjected to brutal treatment, Koracoo, Gonda, and two rival warriors pursue them, though their mission is filled with peril. Fascinating detail about ancient customs is mixed in with the bloodshed and torture, and though the plot barrels forward, it dead-ends in an abrupt and utterly disappointing conclusion.
    Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
    ### From Booklist
    The multitalented Gears, husband-and-wife archaeologists and best-selling authors, score a literary bull's-eye as they weave another vivid narrative thread into their stunning tapestry of Native Americana. The huge fan-base they have amassed with their America's Forgotten Past series will not be disappointed in their latest fictional foray into North American prehistory. This time around, the Iroquois tribe circa 1500 is magnified under their probing cultural and archaeological microscope. During this particularly turbulent period, violence between neighboring longhouse villages competing for increasingly scarce resources has become increasingly and distressingly common. Specialized war parties whose sole purpose is to bring home young captives to replace deceased relatives and increase the spiritual strength of depleted clans are frequently dispatched. When siblings Odion and Tutelo are captured, they mistakenly believe they are caught up in this cycle of devastation and retribution; however, as their family tracks them, it becomes increasingly clear something much more sinister is actually unfolding. The Gears continue do a magnificent job of advancing a fascinating historical chronicle via action, adventure, and archaeology. --Margaret Flanagan

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    People of the Longhouse_ A Novel of North America's Forgotten Past by W. Michael Gear.rar
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