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Cpanel / WHM را امن نمایید

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  • Cpanel / WHM را امن نمایید

    [align=LEFT]Go to: Server Setup -> Tweak Settings[/align]

    [align=LEFT]Under Domains tick:
    · Prevent users from parking/adding common internet domains (,, etc)[/align]

    [align=LEFT]Under Mail tick:
    · Attempt to prevent pop3 connection floods
    · Default catch-all/default address behavior for new accounts – set this to FAIL[/align]

    [align=LEFT]Under System tick:
    · Use jailshell as default on new accounts[/align]

    [align=LEFT]Go to: Server Setup -> Tweak Security
    · Enable php open_basedir protection
    · Enable mod_userdir protection
    · Disable compilers for unprivileged users[/align]

    [align=LEFT]Go to: Server Setup -> Shell Fork Bomb Protection
    · Enable shell bomb/memory protection[/align]

    [align=LEFT]When creating reseller packages, be sure to:
    · Disallow creation of packages with shell acces
    · Disallow creation of packages with full root access[/align]

    [align=LEFT]Go to: Service Configuration -> FTP Configuration
    · Disable anonymous FTP access[/align]

    [align=LEFT]Go to: Account functions -> Manage Shell Acess
    · Disable shell access for all users (except yourself)[/align]

    [align=LEFT]Go to: MySQL -> Manage Root Password
    · Change Root Password for MySQL[/align]

    [align=RIGHT]سیستم عامل و نرم افزار هارا بروز نمایید:[/align]

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