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ELS - Easy Linux Security script - تامین امنیت آسان لینوکس

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  • ELS - Easy Linux Security script - تامین امنیت آسان لینوکس

    [align=RIGHT]با این اسکریپت میتونید به راحتی برنامه های امنیتی زیر رو روی سرور پیاده سازی کنید با امکان نصب و حذف و آپدیت راحت هر کدوم ![/align] [align=LEFT]
    Install RKHunter
    Install RKHunter Cronjob which emails a user-set email address nightly
    Install/update APF
    Install/update BFD
    Install CHKROOTKIT
    Install CHKROOTKIT Cronjob which emails a user-set email address nightly
    Disable Telnet
    Force SSH Protocol 2
    Secure /tmp
    Secure /var/tmp
    Secure /dev/shm
    Install/update Zend Optimizer
    Install/update eAccelerator
    MySQL 4.1 and 5.0 Configuration Optimization
    Upgrade MySQL to 5.0
    Tweak WHM Settings for security and stability
    Configure RNDC if not already done (cPanel only)
    Change SSH port (also configure APF as necessary)
    Add wheel user and disable direct root login over SSH
    Optimize MySQL tables
    Install/update Libsafe
    Install/update ImageMagick (from latest source)
    Uninstall LAuS
    Harden sysctl.conf
    Install Chirpy's Free Exim Dictionary Attack ACL (cPanel only)
    And more![/align] [align=LEFT] [/align] [align=RIGHT]
    سیستم عامل های مورد پشتیبانی :[/align] [align=LEFT]Red Hat Linux 9
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, 4, 5
    Fedora Core 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
    Fedora 7
    CentOS 3, 4, 5
    Debian 3.0, 3.1, 4.0[/align] [align=JUSTIFY][/align] [align=RIGHT]نصب
    برای نصب باید از دستور زیر استفاده کنید:[/align] wget -O; chmod +x; sh
    برای حذف باید از دستور زیر استفاده کنید:[/align] rm -fr /usr/local/els
    [align=RIGHT]این هم دستورات این برنامه مفید :[/align] ELS specific commands:
    --checkall : Check if everything is okay
    --help : Print this help screen
    --update : Update the ELS (this) program to the latest
    : version
    --version : Print the current ELS version

    ELS usage:
    --all : Install/update all supported software, improve
    : security and optimize some programs and
    : configurations
    --apc : Install/Update APC (Alternative PHP Cache)
    --apf : Install/Update APF Firewall
    --bfd : Install/Update BFD (Brute Force Detection)
    --chkrootkit : Install/Update CHKROOTKIT
    --chkrootkitcron : Install a CHKROOTKIT cronjob (to run nightly)
    --chmodfiles : Chmod dangerous files to root only
    --cpvcheck : Check your control panel version
    --disablephpfunc : Disable dangerous PHP functions
    --disabletelnet : Disable telnet
    --distrocheck : Check your OS version
    --eaccelerator : Install/Update eAccelerator
    --forcessh2 : Force SSH protocol 2
    --hardensysctl : Hardening sysctl.conf
    --imagemagick : Install/Update ImageMagick
    --libsafe : Install/Update Libsafe
    --mysqloptimizedb : Run a simple MySQL table optimization and repair command
    --mysqlrenice : Renice MySQL to -20 for highest priority
    --mytop : Install/Update MyTOP
    --optimizemysqlconf : Optimize MySQL configuration file (/etc/my.cnf)
    --rkhunter : Install/Update RKHunter
    --rkhuntercron : Install a RKHunter cronjob (to run nightly)
    --rootloginemail : Add an alert for root login to
    : /root/.bash_profile (email must be provided
    : for this option)
    --securepartitions : Secure /tmp, /var/tmp, and /dev/shm partitions
    : (whether in /etc/fstab or not)
    --setupcrons : Setup RKHunter and CHKROOTKIT cronjobs as well
    : as Root Login Alert
    --sshport : Change the port the SSH deamon is listening on
    : (also modifies APF config to use new port)
    --suhosin : Install/Update suhosin
    --up2dateconfig : Edit up2date configuration file to exclude some
    : programs
    --vps : Similiar to --all, but skips operations not
    : compatable with Virtual Private Servers
    --wheeluser : Add a wheel user and force no root login in the
    : SSH deamon's configuration
    --yumconfig : Edit yum configuration file to exclude some
    : programs
    --xcache : Install/Update XCache
    --zendopt : Install/Update Zend Optimizer

    Remove/Undo functions:
    --enablephpfunc : Enable dangerous PHP functions
    --enablephprg : Enable PHP register_globals
    --removeapf : Remove APF firewall
    --removebfd : Remove BFD (Brute Force Detection)
    --rmchkrootkitcron : Remove a CHKROOTKIT cronjob
    --rmrkhuntercron : Remove a RKHunter cronjob
    --undomysqlrenice : Undo MySQL renice

    DirectAdmin specific commands:
    --updateda : Update DirectAdmin version

    cPanel specific commands:
    --eximdictatk : Install the Exim Dictionary Attack ACL for
    : cPanel/WHM servers
    --fantasticoinstall : Install the Fantastico files for cPanel/WHM
    : servers
    --fixrndc : Fix RNDC if not already configured on
    : cPanel/WHM servers
    --tweakcpsettings : Tweak cPanel's Tweak Settings file
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