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ETKA 8.2 (1512) 07.2023 Multilingual [VirtualBox]

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  • ETKA 8.2 (1512) 07.2023 Multilingual [VirtualBox]

    ETKA 8.2 (1512) 07.2023 Multilingual [VirtualBox] | 13.67 GB
    The ETKA electronic catalog contains complete information about spare parts and accessories for VAG vehicles (VW, Seat, Skoda, AUDI), including minibuses.
    Add. information : Image of a virtual machine on WIN7

    A virtual machine is for those who value time and don't want to bother with installation, it's also convenient for those who have 1C on their main machine, which is not hardlock friendly. Updates work if you give the VM the Internet, local search in the VIN database WORKS (see screenshot).
    Installed bases:
    AUDI 1525
    VW 1525
    SK 1057
    SEAT 1051

    Year/Date of Release : 2023
    Version :
    Developer : LexCom Informationssysteme GmbH
    Developer website :

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