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Techivation M-Compressor v1.0.1

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  • Techivation M-Compressor v1.0.1

    Techivation M-Compressor v1.0.1
    File Size: 12.32 MB
    M-Compressor is an advanced spectral audio compressor that offers both downward and upward compression, providing distortion-free dynamic processing for any sound. It comes with dynamic thresholds to ensure balanced compression across the spectrum, without over-compressing the low frequencies and under-compressing the highs.

    Spectral audio compression equipped with dynamic thresholds
    Regular compressors adjust the overall signal level based on its relationship to the compressor threshold. Instead of the overall signal level, M-Compressor works with the signal spectrum. Individual frequencies are compressed based on their levels relative to the spectral threshold curve.

    Downward & Upward compression both at your fingertips
    In addition to the traditional downward compression, M-Compressor also offers a spectral take on the upward compression. In downward compression, the signal level is reduced when it exceeds the threshold. Upward compression works in the opposite way: the signal level is boosted when it falls below the threshold. This is particularly useful when you want to bring out the ambiance in the signal or achieve more aggressive sounding compression.

    Shape your sound's tonal balance like never before
    For cases where changes to the tonal balance are desired, the plugin also offers a tilt control for the spectral thresholds. It allows to apply more compression to one part of the spectrum, while compressing the rest of the spectrum less.

    Key Features
    Down & Up Threshold
    Down & Up Ratio
    Attack & Release
    Tilt & Tilt Centre
    Ext. Sidechain & sc-hp
    Dry-wet mix
    Diff & Sidechain
    Stereo Link
    Input-output-diff level meters
    Auto-Gain & Make Up
    Scaleable user interface
    Internal On/Off Switch
    Undo/redo options
    A/B Switch

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