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Epic Stock Media Mobile Game 3 WAV

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  • Epic Stock Media Mobile Game 3 WAV

    Epic Stock Media Mobile Game 3 WAV | 1.98 GB
    Fresh New Original Designed Sound Effects - Mobile Game 3 - Casual Cartoon App and Game Sound Effects is a designed sound effects library with over 620+ cute and bubbly cartoon styled SFX. Hand and ear crafted specifically for whimsical and casual mobile app games! This gem has an impressive range of charming sonic aesthetics ranging from zipping power-ups, trills, melodic blings, twinkles, chimes, positive, negative, hits, breaks, level ups, unlocks, zips, morphs, UI, transitions, swipes, and alerts.

    All with the familiar sonic profiles you'd hear in today's most popular mobile games. Whether you're creating a zany puzzle game, an upbeat platformer, side-scroller or a cozy strategy game, you name it. This library has just about everything you need to build out unique, recognizable and engaging audio experiences.

    •All in 96k 24bit .wav
    •Includes over 18 minutes of audio


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