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Tane Kings Drums and Melodies WAV

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  • Tane Kings Drums and Melodies WAV

    Tane Kings Drums and Melodies WAV | 628 MB
    Step into a groove kingdom where Dotan 'Tane' Bergman reigns supreme, crafting a sample pack that's a true royal flush for music producers.

    Sample Pack Features:

    •100 Saucy Drum Breaks: Each break is a crown jewel in itself, a legacy of groove that pays homage to the funk gods. These completely royalty-free breaks form the cornerstone of your sonic empire, ready to be molded into your own creations
    •100 Punchy Drum One-Shots: Crafted with the precision of a master blacksmith, these percussive gems cut through the mix like a king's sword. With these one shots at your command, your beats become an unstoppable force
    •Exclusive Compositions: Step into the domain of the 70's sound with five compositions that echo the vibes of oldschool soul while encapsulating the very essence of a cinematic casino scenery
    •85 Melodic And FX one shots: Elevate your tracks with music chops & sound FX that shimmer like royal treasures, infusing your beats with soulful soundscapes.

    All samples are delivered in WAV file format and are BPM-labeled for smooth and easy integration into your production workflow

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