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ArchiFrame 13.10.2023 (x64) for Archicad 26-27

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  • ArchiFrame 13.10.2023 (x64) for Archicad 26-27

    ArchiFrame 13.10.2023 (x64) for Archicad 26-27
    File size: 122 MB
    ArchiFrame extends the Archicad design suite for more user-friendly structural design in wood. ArchiFrame will change the way you do structural design, improving processes and project management. It's an innovative design tool for wooden structures that combines engineering with aesthetics. ArchiFrame is the complete structuring tool for roofs, walls, floors, frames, panels, and wooden elements - simply reshape planks and beams in one click.

    The beauty of designing with ArchiFrame is that everything sits within one Archicad file - including 3D models and 2D elevations with semi-automated layouts and listings. With ArchiFrame you can even output elements to CNC - making it the ultimate end-to-end wood modeling software.

    Create structural designs in wood and steel using ArchiFrame (an Archicad extension).
    Transform an architectural drawing into a structure with realistic rendering and control the design right down to each individual plank. The ArchiFrame add-on transforms Archicad into a complete design tool for wooden structures so that architects and engineers can collaborate in a single synced Archicad file.
    ArchiFrame can build the structural framework for walls, frames, column/beam structures, intermediate floors, and roof structures.
    ArchiFrame makes it possible to infinitely reshape wooden planks and beams. Duplicate, rotate, and output wooden elements to CNC and manufacture quickly and easily with less errors.
    Efficient BIM workflow takes you from the architect's computer straight to the production line and helps you scale the manufacture of prefabricated elements.

    ArchiFrame offers you the best of both worlds: work off an architectural model (removing the need for expensive remodeling), or simply create a complete wood structure like a traditional timber home from scratch.
    As well as timber new builds, ArchiFrame is suitable for renovation, refurbishment,and retrofit building projects. It works alongside your existing Archicad program and is the wood framing tool of choice for any kind of wooden building anywhere.
    Archicad has plenty of powerful tools like TeamWork™, multiple import and export options, and the ability to overlay MEP engineering over a structural model for collision checking

    Draft wood structures in one click and get instant design feedback.
    Innovative features like automated and editable elevation save on project costs.
    Everything you need is inside a single Archicad file - including 3D models and 2D elevations with semi-automated layouts and listings.
    Individual planks can be hand-manufactured using ArchiFrame dimension drawings and cut lists, or produced directly with CNC.
    Embrace the freedom to edit each individual piece. Print and change your graphics, layouts and blueprints whenever you need to.
    Work with either metric or imperial measurements: ArchiFrame is fully compatible with imperial measurements (this can be updated via settings at any time).

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