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UVI Soundbank Drumulation 1.4.3

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  • UVI Soundbank Drumulation 1.4.3

    UVI Soundbank Drumulation 1.4.3
    File size: 46 MB
    Over 2400 individual drum sounds plus 210 preset kits with sequences equals one massive vintage drum machine. Drumulation+ contains all elements from the original Drumulator along with drums and percussive samples from the Emulator, Emulator II, and Emulator III. Finally, we've included a full set of original sounds from the classic SP12, making it an extraordinary and inspiring source for classic lo-fi beats.

    Drumulation+ gives you an 8-part drum machine with pan, +/-24 semitone pitch, decay, drive, hi- and lo-pass filters, 2 reverb and 2 delay sends, and drive and eq bus effects. Use the built-in sequencer with per-part clock divider to instantly create beats, then drag-and-drop the MIDI to your DAW of choice. With both stereo and multi-channel outputs Drumulation+ is ready to integrate into even the most demanding mixes.
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