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UVI Soundbank Prime 8 Plus 1.0.1

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  • UVI Soundbank Prime 8 Plus 1.0.1

    UVI Soundbank Prime 8 Plus 1.0.1
    File size: 150 MB
    RETURN OF A LEGENDARY '80S DRUM MACHINE. All sounds multi-sampled through a Class-A signal chain. Mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound in NYC. 140+ handcrafted preset kits, 1100+ built-in MIDI patterns

    The most iconic and sought after drum machine in the world, genre-defining, used on countless hits, proving itself decade after decade, presented and represented time and time again in sample libraries, software and hardware emulations, we offer you our best-in-class take on this legendary beat machine.

    Prime 8+ is designed to be the first and last word for these classic drum machine sounds. Using an old-school analog hardware approach we deliver the real hit-record sound, not just the machine, but the sound of a world-class recording studio. Starting with a full hardware inspection and restoration, we ran each sound of Prime 8+ through a Class-A signal chain and captured it using the best converters at the highest resolution available.

    UVI Prime 8+ | Machine
    After meticulous editing, the entire library was mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound in New York City, a modern legend of urban music and someone with a true ear for this machine. The result is a distinct and immediate punch, giving the sounds a polish, presence, and clarity that strict hardware emulations miss - and for us, it captures exactly the energy that this machine is so famous for.

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