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Zenhiser Golden WAV

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  • Zenhiser Golden WAV

    Zenhiser Golden WAV | 1.06 GB
    Slow your heart down, breathe deep and return to a blissful world where Downtempo, Lofi and; Chillhop combine. 'Golden' is a smorgasbord of relaxed auditory delight.

    Organic, atmospheric, melancholic, soulful and crunchy. That's what you get with Golden. 3GB of delectable content ranging from Emancipator style instrument loops to Ta-Ku beats, and everything in between. Basslines, beats, fx, music loops, synth loops, one shots, midi and more make up an A+ sample pack that would take pride of place in any recording studio that produces music geared towards the slower pace of life.

    A bundle of cool techniques were used to create this pack. Firstly a bunch of field recordings were taken to give new life and organic foundations. Then the sounds were run through an array of cool tech including old tape delays and spring reverbs like Dynacord Echocord Super 62, Roland Space Echo, Watkins Copicat, Vermont Retroverb. Tasty synths took MainStage and include Prophet, Moog, ARP and Kong. A bunch of pedals add a touch more flair and the icing on the cake is the outboard FX giving that classic polish. These include Neve, SSL and Pultec. Sounds like a dream studio set up, right!?! Well all that recording wizardry shines through in every one of the 981 samples and loops tucked away in this exemplary pack.

    578 Samples

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