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Heavyocity Gravity 2 KONTAKT

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  • Heavyocity Gravity 2 KONTAKT

    Free Download Heavyocity Gravity 2 KONTAKT | 8.9 GB
    This visionary collection is loaded with tonal rhythmic pedals, thrilling transitions, evocative textures, explosive impacts and striking signature stings that will elevate your musical storytelling. Welcome to a world where sonic possibilities are limitless, and composing finds its true expression through the use of these evolved scoring tools.

    Versatile presets that seamlessly fuse diverse sources, fostering instant inspiration for your unique sound, the cue creators are creative and robust building blocks for the signature sound you desire.
    Covering the spectrum from serene and subtle to intricate and bold, there is an all-new, stellar selection of 144 playable loops that can be mixed and matched according to your creative vision. These loops provide unique patterns and combinations, guaranteeing the rhythmic foundation your composition demands.
    Utilize captivating mood-enhancing elements to elevate your musical storytelling. Divided in three distinct flavors: Tonal for melodies and harmonies, Atonal for eerie atmospheres, and Modal for clear chordal backgrounds, making it easier than ever to add depth and style to your compositions.
    Explore a wide range of over 250 single-shot sounds, from meticulously refined to more raw elements, ready to infuse your score with a distinctive sonic character. You'll also discover an assortment of signature tonal accents that will ensure your tracks have a voice of their own.
    There are 36 mind-blowing impacts waiting to add sheer power and intensity to your tracks. With separate Sub, Mid, and Tail layers, you'll have the freedom to mix and match, crafting everything from monumental hits to dramatic moments.
    With both Tonal and Atonal variations, and conveniently organized as Low and High, these tempo-synced sounds will seamlessly propel your music forward. Featuring a dynamic collection of Reverses, Swells, and Risers each offering their own unique thrilling flavor-perfect for creating those heart-pounding, epic moments.
    Utilize the 3-Channel Mixer to craft robust, evolving textures or uniquely randomized mixes by seamlessly blending the individual channels. You'll have endless customization possibilities as each of the three channels offer their own set of controls for a dynamic and ever-changing musical experience.
    Over 1,000 custom-curated sound sources make up this intricate collection-ranging from junkyard mayhem and mechanical noises, to bowed strings on trash cans, obscure radio signals to a vast array of analog synths. When it comes to scoring tools, we've blurred the line between music and sound design.
    The GRAVITY 2 engine is by far our most powerful and intuitive engine to date, designed to empower your creativity. With 3 distinct instruments, it's easy to tailor your workflow: Menu and Menu XL offer bank-based loading for tonal shaping, while the Designer Instrument allows complex layering for unique soundscapes.
    Seamlessly blending the organic and hybrid realms, we meticulously processed diverse source material through our analog signal chains, working meticulously to layer, fine-tune, and heavily process each element until they embodied the unmistakable Heavyocity sound.
    Drawing from the essence that made the original GRAVITY exceptionally dynamic, GRAVITY 2 advances it, raising the bar for modern scoring tools.We have developed more than just a toolkit; this is a sonic transformation where the possibilities are limitless, and musical expression has a fresh, creative reawakening.
    - Over 1,000 Unique Sources
    + 144 Multisampled and Tempo-synced Rhythmic Pedals
    + 137 Tonal, Atonal, and Modal Textures
    + 252 Signature Stings
    + 324 Transitions (Reverses, Swells, and Risers)
    + 144 Gravity Hits (Full, Sub, Mid, Tail)
    - 600+ Custom-Designed Presets
    - Gravity 2 Designer
    + Intuitive Browser to load in 1000+ sources in 3 banks
    + MACRO knob for dynamic multi-parameter control and sequencing
    + Per Channel FX Controls for Envelope, Tone, Drive, Motion, and Space
    + ADVANCED MIXER with Drift, Scatter, and Recordable Automation
    + PERFORMANCE controls for Tempo-Sync, Start Times, and Sequencing
    + CUSTOM MASTER FX with Punish, Compression, reverb, delay and more
    + SETTINGS page to fine tune legato, glide, sustain, velocity and more
    - Gravity 2 Menu
    + 36 Keys mapped with individual sounds for easy curation
    + Quickly build your own menus with the intuitive Browser of over 1000 sources
    + Map a single sound to the entire keyboard with the Expand Source
    + Per Source Filter, EQ, Volume, Pan, and Tuning
    + Macro and Effects Controls
    + Custom Master FX
    - Gravity 2 Menu XL
    + 72 Keys mapped with individual sounds for easy curation
    + Quickly build your own menus with the intuitive Browser of over 1000 sources
    + Map a single sound to the entire keyboard with the Expand Source
    + Per Source Filter, EQ, Volume, Pan, and Tuning
    + Macro and Effects Controls
    + Custom Master FX
    RequiresNI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v7.6.0 or later!
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